About The Archive

Photography has a vital and central place in contemporary culture. Our perception of the world is based on imagination and memory as much as physical experience. Each of us carries around in our heads a picture of the world as we perceive it.

From its beginnings, photography has played a dominant role in creating and spreading images of the world.

This archive is primarily a repository of the personal experiences and memories of the years we spent at Mfantsipim. We hope it will grow large enough to be used as a tool for historical research.

The site should benefit from the new electronic imaging media which will shape the twenty-first century much like photography did the twentieth.

Although old photographs will still have to be scanned before being sent over the internet, itís now possible for someone to take a picture on Kwabotwe Hill with a mobile phone and have it uploaded to the website in a matter of minutes.

The entire archive will be backed-up on multiple servers, PC hard drives and CD-R media.

It is vital that we save these historical images for future generations.


Thank you for your support.
MSAPA Image Editor.



A Short History of Photography
Why Digitize Old Photographs? 
Icons of The 21st Century



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